Photon Manufacturing

Photon Manufacturing develops Electronics and Firmware
for Medical, Industrial, Consumer, and Laser Devices.


Photon Manufacturing is a small, focused team of Engineers specializing in electronic development of embedded systems. We have particular expertise in medical device and laser system development, but have also successfully completed projects for consumer products, industrial and test equipment, and entertainment lighting.

Project Planning and Management

A successful project starts with a detailed Project Plan, followed by ongoing tracking and refinement. Our team has more than 25 years combined experience in Technical Project Management, and we know the process required to deliver a successful project on time and within budget.

System Architecture

After understanding our client's needs, we develop a system architecture combining analog and digital circuits with custom firmware and software to meet the product requirements in the most efficient manner.

Electronics Design

Our team is highly proficient in the development of analog, digital, mixed-signal, and power circuitry. Using industry-leading Altium Designer software we are able to create efficient schematic designs and precise circuit board layouts. SolidWorks co-design allows for easy mechanical integration, and our focus on low-emission layouts simplifies EMC compliance testing.

Software Development

Our software developers have decades of experience in both embedded devices and desktop application development. We can create not only the embedded firmware to run on your device, but also PC applications for configuration, control, and monitoring.

Optical Design

We have been developing lasers and optical systems for more than two decades. We are proficient with many non-imaging optical systems including vast experience with lasers and fiber optics.

Thermal Design

Electronic systems develop heat, and managing that heat is often a challenge. When designing new systems we consider thermal performance of our circuitry as well as the overall system, and we design or assist in the design of the thermal management system.

Prototype Manufacturing and Testing

Our extensive laboratory and dedicated technical staff allow us to create prototypes of your complete system. We have the knowledge and personnel needed to build and test your complete system during prototyping and product development. Small-scale manufacturing of devices is also available.

Test Automation for Design Verification

Confirming that a design meets the project's requirements often requires extensive testing. Our Engineers are highly experienced in hardware and software testing for design verification. Automation of testing provides additional precision while reducing overall test time.


Photon Manufacturing has successfully completed projects for medical and veterinary devices, industrial and test equipment, military hardware, consumer goods, and entertainment lighting.

Selected development projects are highlighted below.

Ondine Steriwave™

Photon Manufacturing was the lead contractor for development of Ondine's Steriwave™ Nasal Decolonization system.

Our main contributions include a custom laser driver and temperature control circuitry. In addition, we designed the complete thermal management system and assisted with the laser source selection and fiber optic transmission design.

EKOS Control Unit 4.0™

Photon Manufacturing architected and led development of the EKOS Control Unit 4.0™, the driver of EKOS's lifesaving ultrasound treatment of blood clots. (Ultrasound-assisted Thrombolysis)

The new EKOS Control Unit supports twice as many outputs in a device 1/3 the size and 1/2 the weight of the previous generation device.

Our Electrical Engineers led the circuit development, and our Software Engineers worked with EKOS staff Software Engineers to develop the control software and user interface.

Laser Fantasy Rainbow FX™

Photon Manufacturing is responsible for all development and manufacturing of the Rainbow FX™, the world's most advanced laser light show projector.

Our Engineers designed the entire system, including system controller, laser and motor drivers, embedded firmware, thermal management system, and mechanical design. We are responsible for small-volume manufacturing of this product in compliance with FDA/CDRH regulatory requirements.

DNP Supernova Flex™

Photon Manufacturing was responsible for development of all electronics and firmware in the first generation DNP Supernova Flex™ motorized projection screen.

We developed a PWM motor driver with 4-quadrant control capable of positioning the screen with 0.5mm repeatability. We also sourced a custom infrared remote control and provided plug-in modules to allow control via RS-232 and Ethernet.


If you are interested in new product development or are in need of technical support for our past designs, please contact Photon Manufacturing:

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